Exotic Teas

There is a growing interest in Teas that are a little different, some are less well known, others are more rare.

Pu-Erh, £9.95 per Carton of 25

Grown in Yunnan, a Province in South Western China. This is the only tea in the world that improves with age.

Good body, like an Assam but sweeter.

Each 'mini toucha' can be used up to 4 times giving about 100 pots of tea per carton.

Water boiling 100°C.

Infuse for 45 seconds (then remove leaves from liquor), increase infusion time by 20 seconds on each subsequent brew. Best without Milk.

Formosa Oolong - Finest, £2.25 for 50g

A tea that sits between Green and Red teas. Semi fermented, slightly sweet, with a delicate bouquet.

Water boiling 100°C.

Infuse for 2 - 3 minutes, best without milk.

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