The really exciting world of Cemlyn Tea

This is THE place to buy loose leafed tea Online!

There seems to be a growing interest in Single Estate Teas, why choose a generic when you could have a Darjeeling from the Gardens at Castleton.

Darjeeling Tea from Castleton Garden

Gone are the days when we used to go out for a meal and were given a choice of "Wine? would you like Red or White?" Now we are much more savvy and will ask for Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz or Merlot. This doesn't make us connoisseurs, just more informed.

If this is very first adventure with Tea have fun, explore, and indulge yourself, you know you're worth it

The Teas have been organised into types rather than by country so you will find Chinese and Indian Black Teas sitting quite happily together.

All our Teas are available by post so you can buy on-line, email, telephone, call into the shop, or even write a letter and we'll organise your order for you.

And now for the first time we are introducing Chocolate, no, not chocolate tea but a fabulous Hot Chocolate drink made with single origin chocolate. It has even got its own Chocolate page and if we are stocking it you will know it has to be something special.

Marimba Chocolate

If you do want to call in, please check Cemlyn Tea Shop Opening Times or make an appointment by telephoning 01766 780425 during office hours.